A Tomato Without Compromise

Say goodbye to flavorless tomatoes as we welcome a new era of produce. The Summer Swell tomato is a tomato without compromise. The food system has focused on high production, which means the flavor of your tomato typically falls flat. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Summer Swell was grown to be productive and flavorful…a win-win for the farmer and your BLT. 

Using a non-GMO approach called on-demand breeding, we were able to enhance natural plant traits that improve flavor and allow the fruit to last longer. This means that Summer Swell can stay on the vine longer, developing richer, sweeter flavors before heading to the store for you to purchase and enjoy.

Read on to learn more about how Summer Swell is a win for sustainability.

Working to Tackle Food Waste, One Tomato at a Time

Food waste is an enormous global issue. In the U.S. alone, up to 35% of food goes unused. This surplus food equates to nearly 90 billion meals and takes a huge environmental toll. Food, wasted or not, still needs to be grown, harvested, transported, cooled and prepared, using up precious land and water resources, and resulting in harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Surplus food costs the U.S. $400 billion a year, with 34% attributable to produce. In fact, the average retailer throws away $5-10k worth of food every week. And, what’s worse, much of it is edible. With food insecurity impacting one in eight Americans, solving for food waste is critical.

On-Demand Breeding helps to address this issue where it begins: the crops themselves. By tuning gene expression, we can grow produce that’s more robust, increasing durability during transportation and extending shelf life at grocery stores and in homes. With tomatoes being the second most consumed vegetable item in the U.S. this is a crucial step in reducing food waste.