What makes Summer Swell different?

Most of today’s produce was developed for yield, not for taste. Summer Swell is different. It is a tomato that was developed for taste first. It offers a fresh, sweet flavor reminiscent of an heirloom tomato, and provides more time to enjoy thanks to extended peak flavor. Using a new breeding technique, called on-demand breeding, allows the best traits to shine through.

What benefit does Summer Swell offer consumers?

Consumers are looking for more flavorful food and Summer Swell delivers. It offers better taste and more convenience because of its extended peak flavor. When you buy Summer Swell, you have more time to enjoy it and will have a better experience thanks to its enhanced flavor.

What benefit does Summer Swell offer retailers?

Because Summer Swell is grown to be more robust, less food will be wasted. Food waste in the U.S. costs the country $285B each year, and retailers reporting that they throw away $5-10k worth of produce every week, finding ways to reduce spoilage will have a meaningful impact on food waste and a retailer’s bottom line. Additionally, customers will be happier with better, longer peak flavor, resulting in repeat purchase.

How does on-demand breeding work?

On-demand breeding uses the epigenetics to unlock the plant’s abilities to adapt using its own natural pathways. It works like traditional breeding to target areas on the plant’s genome that influence a specific trait. Unlike gene editing or GMOs that change the DNA, on-demand breeding tunes how the genes are expressed—similar to turning a volume up or down. Not only does it offer a lighter touch, it also offers a faster outcome.

Is on-demand breeding GMO?

On-Demand Breeding is non-GMO: it enhances gene expression without changing the plant’s DNA. 

Is on-demand breeding safe?

Delivering safe, nutritious products is of primary importance to us. We take additional steps to verify safety, testing products in the field to ensure a consistent, quality, wholesome product. 

Are other on-demand breeding produce options available?

Not yet, but we’re working on them! We have more than a dozen partners who we are working with to develop produce that is more nutritious, better tasting, pest resistant, along with new convenient sizes and more exciting colors. Keep an eye out for news about future product launches.